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HealthyWayRX was formed to provide prescription medication programs to individuals and large groups. Using our international network of licensed pharmacies and physicians, we can ensure the continued supply of safe and effective brand name and generic medications to your clients or members at great savings.

United State (CANADA/USA)

Drug prices in the United States are higher than in any other country in the world. Many Americans can no longer afford to fill their prescriptions in U.S. pharmacies and are looking beyond their borders for more affordable options. Purchasing low-cost Canadian and internationally available prescription drugs online is now affordable and convenient through

All drugs filled through Canadian pharmacies are approved by the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada (the regulatory equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.)

Prescription medications supplied through our international network are all filled by pharmacies licensed and regulated according to the standards of the country in which they are located. The standards for Pharmacy Practice, as well as the standards for the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals in these other countries, are at least as stringent as those in Canada and the U.S.


United Kingdom

The control of medicines in the UK is primarily through the system of licensing and conditional exemptions from licensing laid down in EC legislation, the Medicines Act 1968, and in relevant subordinate legislation. This legislation covers the systems by which licenses to manufacture, market, distribute, sell and supply medicinal products are granted by Ministers (the Licensing Authority) (or, in the new centralized system, by the relevant Community institutions), once they are satisfied with the safety, efficacy, and quality of the product.

There are controls also on clinical trials, on the claims, which may be made in advertising and other promotion, on quality control, manufacture of unlicensed products, and supply of imports. The Authority is also required to monitor the safety of licensed medicinal products and to take action when adverse effects are recognized.

The MHRA (medicines) (MHRA) is accountable to Health and Agriculture Ministers in the UK for the discharge of the functions they exercise collectively or singly as the Licensing Authority (LA). Department of Health Ministers is accountable to Parliament on matters concerning human medicines regulation on a UK basis.

The Medicines Act 1968 also set up a statutory advisory body called the Medicines Commission to give advice on matters specified in the Act relating to medicinal products. Under Section 4 of the Act Ministers have also established special advisory committees. The LA may not refuse to grant a marketing authorization, revoke, vary, or suspend it (in the latter case except in an emergency) on grounds relating to safety, quality, or efficacy without first consulting the appropriate independent advisory body. The MHRA provides professional assessors and administrative support for these bodies.

The legislation provides a regulatory framework in respect of the safety, quality, and efficacy of medicinal products to be sold or supplied, or administered to patients. The MHRA accordingly discharges, on behalf of Ministers, functions which have been put in place by or as a consequence of EC legislation as well as functions covered purely by domestic law.

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