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Contact us today and find out how we can help you take your pharmacy services to the next level.

General FAQ:

"Brand” name medications

“Brand” name medications are the highest cost impact on an employer’s health plan. They could bankrupt an employer-sponsored plan.

Employer health plans

 Not all employer health plans cover every medication manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

Medication formularies

Medication formularies are different for every health plan and every employer.

HealthyWayRx Medication Assistance Advocacy Services:


HealthyWayRx is a service staffed by Nurse Advocates specializing in medication access and is designed to support participating Employers whose members are prescribed medications that are not included as part of their health plan’s approved formulary. They assist the member in accessing the medication through a network of widely available resources. 

Our Primary Focus

The primary focus of HealthyWayRx is to ensure that a member of any participating employer-sponsored plan can access the medication he or she is prescribed but is excluded from their employer health plan and cost-prohibitive to pay for out of pocket. 

Our Goal

The goal of HealthyWayRx is to work together with the employee to find the lowest possible price for an excluded prescription medication, which most often are obtainable for free through pharmaceutical company-sponsored programs. 

Our Advocates

The HealthyWayRx Nurse Advocates are specialists in providing employer-sponsored plans comprehensive medication assistance and advocacy support services that assist members in finding lower-cost solutions to the high cost of finding lower or no-cost solutions for high dollar medications.

Our Value

The HealthyWayRx is a value-added service for participating employer-sponsored plans, and not a replacement for a member’s current health care coverage. It is designed to work as an added service for employees whose employer may not have coverage for a prescribed drug. When employers save money on prescription medications, the employees save money too.

MyRxHelp Nurse Advocates:

Speak Directly

Speak directly with employees regarding their prescribed medication and any issues he or she might have with it not being covered by their employer-sponsored health plan.

Evaluate all avenues

Evaluate all possible avenues to access the medication if there is an exclusion in the participating employer-sponsored health plan. 

Work directly with the members

Work directly with the member to access all prescription assistance programs, also helping with forms, documentation, and processing.  

Employee’s authorization

With the employee’s authorization and together with our Medical Director, work with physicians, primary care providers, or other prescribers to ensure the applications are accurate and complete.


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