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HealthyWayRx was formed to provide prescription medication programs to individuals and to large groups. Using our international network of licensed pharmacies and physicians, we can ensure the continued supply of safe and effective brand name and generic medications to your clients or members.

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Healthy Way Rx Canadian dispensing facilities operate fully automated. facility with the capacity to fill a large number of prescriptions per day. Our technology is second to none in the industry, and we welcome visits from interested officials wishing to inspect our facility. Our international pharmacies have all been inspected and certified by us, and all conform to the regulations governing the practice of pharmacy in their specific country.

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Healthy Way Rx will define group-specific lists of eligible medications so that only cost-effective medications are available to your members from the countries of your choice including local and US Pharmacies.

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 We will work with you to determine which medications from which countries will be available to your members.

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HealthyWayRx will check and maintain patient eligibility information to ensure that only those patients enrolled in your program are eligible to receive prescription medications. We will help you design a website where eligible members can log on to get information and enroll in the program. Our customer service representatives are also available to answer any questions via our toll-free telephone numbers.

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HealthyWayRx Drug Utilization Review:

All prescriptions entered into our system are checked for drug interactions, drug allergies, correct dosages and contra-indications before being distributed to one of our physicians for review. This Drug Utilization Review (DUR) is carried out on all medications being taken by a patient, regardless of whether or not we are filling prescriptions for them. Each system-generated warning is then reviewed by one of our pharmacists to determine its significance. If necessary, our pharmacists will contact the patient or the patient’s primary care physician to discuss the situation and suggest appropriate action. This central DUR is unique in the industry and is essential to ensure the safety and integrity of our medication supply process

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