Since their market entry, Medicare Part D prescription drug prices in the United States have experienced a notable increase. This rise in prices has imposed a significant burden on both Medicare beneficiaries and the healthcare system as a whole. The cost of medications covered under Part D has surged, leading to higher out-of-pocket expenses for patients and increased financial strain on those with limited incomes.

The price hikes in Medicare Part D drugs have resulted from a combination of factors, including rising research and development costs, pharmaceutical industry practices, and the lack of price negotiation power for Medicare. As a result, many beneficiaries find it increasingly difficult to afford the medications they need, leading to medication non-adherence and potentially worse health outcomes. This burden is particularly felt by low-income individuals, who may be forced to make difficult choices between purchasing essential medications and meeting other basic needs.

Moreover, the price increases in Medicare Part D prescription drugs have posed a challenge for the overall healthcare system. Higher drug costs translate into increased spending for Medicare, which can strain the program’s resources and limit its ability to provide comprehensive coverage to beneficiaries. Additionally, the burden of high drug prices is often shifted to taxpayers, who fund Medicare through their contributions. This situation has sparked ongoing debates and calls for reform to address the issue of skyrocketing prescription drug prices and ensure affordable access to necessary medications for Medicare beneficiaries.

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HealthyWayRx is helping patients save on their prescriptions by sourcing from Canada, UK and USA pharmacies. Below is a comparison of some of the  cost savings you can expect to achieve by ordering with us. Use our drug search and make the switch to save you money!

Drug Name & DoseQTYAvg. U.S. PriceCAN Price (Brand in $USD)CAN Price (Generic in $USD)Savings %
Alphagan P 0.15%20ml$582.00$86.74$70.3285%
Asmanex 220mcg/Act3$852.00$171.48 80%
Brilinta 90mg180$1,522.00$372.25 76%
Bystolic 10mg90$484.00$187.94 61%
Cialis 20mg20$1,570.00$378.82$309.6876%
Cosentyx 150mg/ml Inj.2x1ml$6,480.77$2,169.11 67%
Dexilant 60mg90$897.00$276.30 69%
Durezol 0.05%20ml$811.00$155.28 81%
Edarbyclor 40/25mg84$756.00$150.01 80%
Eliquis 5mg180$1,815.00$409.27 77%
Estring SR 2mg1$631.00$132.27 79%
Humira 40mg/0.8ml Inj.2×0.8ml$11,524.00$1,947.28 83%
Invokana 300mg90$1,993.00$341.72 83%
Januvia 100mg90$1,847.00$384.46 79%
Jardiance 25mg90$1,954.00$324.72 83%
Latuda 80mg90$4,814.00$563.19 88%
Myrbetriq ER 50mg90$1,565.00$214.65 86%
Ozempic 2mg/1.5ml Inj.1 Inj.$1,037.00$307.19 70%
Rybelsus 14mg90$3,138.00$790.99 75%
Vagifem 10mcg36$904.00$213.00 76%
Wellbutrin XL 300mg90$6,921.00$153.44$53.5498%
Xarelto 20mg90$1,795.00$339.39 81%
Trulicity 0.75mg/0.5ml Inj.4$812.75$684.85 16%
Lantus 3ml5x3ml$403.17$196.53 51%
Imbruvica90$17,929.34$11,219.21 37%
Novolog 10ml1$298.89$53.93 82%
Xtandi 40mg120$9,977.82$5,030.34 49%
Trelegy Ellipta1$662.37$194.39 71%
Enbrel 50mg4x1ml$7,240.00$2,462.39 66%
Biktarvy30$3,774.88$1,489.22 61%
Symbicort 100/6mg1$372.44$81.27 78%
Invega 6mg30$384.67$245.64 36%
Ibrance21$15,886.35$6,667.29 58%
Levemir 3ml5x3ml$481.48$217.51 55%
Victoza 3ml3x3ml$1,153.10$553.99 52%
Entresto 97mg/103mg60$708.36$300.07 58%
Restasis60$669.67$293.07 56%
Stelara 45mg/0.5ml1$13,230.00$5,251.57 60%
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