Receiving vaccines is recommended, and should be prioritized by senior citizens, as we age our immune system weakens. Older adults are more likely to have chronic illnesses such as heart disease, lung disease, or liver disease which puts them at an increased risk of infection is developed.

One of the best tools to prevent infection is to get vaccinated, which can help prevent infection for those that are at high risk of getting very sick from an illness. The recommended vaccines for seniors can be found here. As of right now, the COVID-19 and flu vaccine should be prioritized as they have the best chance of preventing serious illnesses. As COVID-19 remains an active pandemic worldwide, the risks of dying due to COVID-19 are higher in senior citizens. The vaccine is effective and helps keep people safe from COVID-19, and the only reason it should not be taken is if you had a serious allergic reaction after being exposed to the first dose or if having experienced an allergic reaction to one of the components of the COVID-19 vaccine in the past.

The flu vaccine is recommended to take every year, and there is an extra-strong flu vaccine that is made for seniors specifically, as the other ones used on younger individuals as it makes more antibodies to effectively fight the flu virus.

Side effects for older adults from vaccines vary from individual to individual, and they can include fever, muscle aches, soreness, or redness at the injection site, but research shows that vaccine side effects are worse in young adults in comparison to older adults.

Getting the COVID-19 and flu vaccine should be a top priority for older adults as they are important and can possibly save the lives of older adults!


Original Article Source Credits:   ADV Pharmacy ,Article Written By: MaheenYaqoob, AI Computer Engineer Original Article Posted on:  April, 2021A | Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash


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